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It is hardly surprising, given the length of Chile, that the country is such a land of contrasts. From the ice flows in the Antarctic South to the arid northern desert, Chile passes through a spectrum of geographical and cultural diversity. Some of the landscapes here will leave you feeling at home – with much of its scenery looks reminiscent of rural England or Highland Scotland – while others may make you wonder if you are on another world entirely.

Atacama in the north is the driest place in the world. Visit the Valley of the Moon, the Atacama Salt Flats and the Altiplanic lagoons. One of the remotest places on earth, Easter Island is covered in monumental volcanic carvings.

Discover the spectacular fjords and glaciers of the ice fields in the south or take in mind-blowing scenery at Torres del Paine National Park. Explore gateway town Puerto Natales, nestled at the foot of the Riesco Mountain range and the last settlement before you reach the wilderness of Chilean Patagonia.

Visit Puerto Varas, a small enclave of Germany in Chile’s Lake District that’s beautifully set on the edge of Lake Llanquihue opposite the perfect cone of the Osorno Vocano.