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The heat and the beat of Brazilian samba music and dance are never far away in this pulsating destination. Even if you aren’t in Rio de Janeiro in February or March for the carnival to beat all carnivals, you can still kick up your heels on South America’s most famous beach, Copacabana. It’s not all about partying, though. The range of experiences on offer on Brazil holidays is vast and exciting.

You can get to grips with city living in Sao Paulo, Rio or Brasilia, or chill out on glorious white-sand beaches in Ponta Negra in Natal, or maybe Costa do Sauipe or Praia do Forte in the state of Bahia: the coastline of Brazil has a stunning array of beach-side tourist destinations. Alternatively, book an Amazon lodge to really get away from it all and increase your chances of seeing the amazing wildlife that lives in the rainforests surrounding the great river of the same name

Whatever your itinerary, don’t forget to visit the jaw-dropping Iguazu Falls, a national park where the mist thrown up by the mighty waterfalls creates rainbows that can be viewed from both Brazil and Argentina.

Brazil could be the holiday destination of your dreams, and Compare Travel Group can help you to get there, whether you are looking for Praia do Forte holidays, holidays in Ponta Negra, or Brazil holiday packages to any of the other top destinations.